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True Bath Spas

What could be more important to Bath than the attraction from which our beautiful city gets its name? The glorious Roman Bathhouses have stood since the days of Roman occupation in Britain, around 2000 years ago. For luxury away from home, the Romans constructed the complex to take advantage of three geothermal springs situated close to where Bath Abbey now stands.

The hot springs became a sacred sight to pray to the goddess Sulis Minerva, of which there is a temple dedicated to beside the bathhouses. Due to the hot springs ever constant 46°C temperature, they also became a highly popular early spa due to the believed healing properties and in particular the 'Sacred Spring'.

Today, the Roman bathhouses in Bath are one of the world's most preserved examples of Roman ingenuity and design. Attracting visitors from all over the globe, at the heart of the site is the Great Bath. This wide pool is filled with geothermal water from the 'Sacred Spring'. Unsurprisingly modern day bathers cannot use the bath pools themselves however you won't find a more picturesque, fascinating insight into this great ancient civilization anywhere else. Look of for the incredible King's Bath and the Temple of Sulis Minerva that sits beneath the Pump Room.

There is an excellent audio guide to accompany you as you take in the sumptuous sights. It is very well narrated by Bill Bryson, the best-selling author and don't worry about the kids being bored. The audio guide for kids is highly entertaining too, so much so that they won't even realise they are learning! Both guides are available in eight languages, although Latin isn't available, just in case you wanted a truly ancient experience.

Adult - £15.00
Children (6-16) - £9.50
Children under 6 – Free
Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) - £44.00

Opening Hours
Open Daily 09:30 – 17:00

July and August
Open Daily 09:00 until 21:00

Please note

Prices and times are given as a guide only. Photography is allowed inside the Roman Baths.

Please visit the Roman Baths website for the latest information.

Thermae Bath Spa

Visit Thermae Bath Spa to emulate the Romans as they bathed in Baths mineral-rich waters, the only natural hot water spa springs in the whole the UK. Located in the heart of Bath, Thermae Spa is an attraction you don't need to spend hours to get to. Just as well as it leaves more time to relax and really pamper yourself.

You can chose to indulge in a 2 hour or 4 hour spa session, day or night with no membership fees. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of historic Bath from Thermae's open-air, roof-top pool. Heated only using the natural thermal spring water, it's a spectacular way to spend a weekend in Bath. Especially recommended is to plan a visit during the evening hours. The amazing Grade 1 Listed buildings of Bath City Centre are lit up allowing you to gaze at their beauty while you relax in from your roof-top spa.

To revitalize your senses, you can choose to make use of the 4 aromatherapy steam rooms. Each scented with individual aromas (lavender, eucalyptus, mint and lotus flower) to coincide with the relaxing light display in the tropical showers.

After a short spell in the aromatherapy rooms you will feel like a new person whom may want to take advantage of the well-stocked Springs Café, completing your replenishment in style. As an added bonus, as a Springs Café customer you will receive an extra 45minutes spa time - now that's a treat!

There are also a huge range of Thermae Bath Spa massages and facial treatments available.
Please note - these treatments need to be arranged in advance of your visit.

Group discounts are available - Please visit here for more information

Hotel near the Roman Bathhouses

Our hotel is only a 15 minute walk from the Roman Bathhouses. For a comfortable and modern hotel that is very convenient for a fantastic weekend break exploring Bath, our Holiday Inn Express hotel is a great choice. Get a lovely, comfortable nights rest and an inclusive breakfast with us when you are visiting our incredible, historic city.


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